Are Destination Wedding Invitations Different than Regular Wedding Invitations?

When planning a destination wedding, many couples inquire about the etiquette surrounding wedding invitations. Specifically, how do destination wedding invitations differ from regular wedding invitations? And the short answer to the question is – they do not differ. Basically the invitation as it relates to etiquette is the same. Having said that, however, extra information exists that should be taken into account when choosing and sending destination wedding invitations.

The first point that may impact upon the invitations chosen is the pared down guest list. A destination wedding guest list is invariably much smaller in numbers than a traditional wedding list. If you are choosing invitations prepared by a printer, there may be a minimum order quantity or the costs may be so prohibitive that you would not order your first choice of invitations.

The second point that is important when choosing and sending invitations for a destination wedding is the fact that much more information is required than for a standard wedding. This does mean, though, that it is appropriate to cram all that extra paper into your wedding invitation envelope. Nor does it mean that you need to have that extra info printed on the invitation. The actual setup of the invitation such as the couple’s names, the date of the wedding, the name of the church, who is doing the inviting, etc. will be included on the invitation but particulars regarding flights, itinerary and the like will not be added. Keep your invitation as neat and tidy as possible, thereby maintaining an elegant and posh look.

Lastly, remember that in the case where Save the Date Cards are not sent, destination wedding invitations should be mailed considerably sooner than a local wedding destination giving the guests time to prepare and yourself ample time to book the itinerary.

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