Destination Wedding in the Snow

Many people automatically think of destination weddings in the hot tropics but a wedding in the snow can be even more magnificent. For real romantics who enjoy the great outdoors, a wedding in the snow capped Alps, the frozen tundra of northern or western Canada, or even during the winter in one’s hometown is a marvelous escape for their special day. Indeed, there are so many wonderful ways in which to make a winter or snow wedding spectacular. So if you want something different from your friends and neighbors, and a theme that is sure to be remembered for a long time, here are a few splendid options that are guaranteed to excite your guests.

ski lodgeSki Lodge – Think of an open fire crackling in the howling wind, pretty laces of ice on the window panes and a rustic cathedral ceiling cottage. What could be more romantic than this cozy backdrop? Add a marshmallow and hotdog roast and you have the perfect cold weather setting. While skiing may not be suitable for everyone on the guest list, there is still plenty to do but this theme might be better suited to smaller wedding parties who all enjoy the snow.

Horse Drawn Carriage – Instead of motorized vehicles, the bride and groom order horses and carriages to transport the guests from the church to the reception venue. But if there are too many guests in attendance to arrange enough carriages, the couple should travel by horse and carriage and then offer sleigh rides at the reception so all the guests can participate in the fun and enjoy the majestic scenery.

Winter Menu – Indeed, the cold weather is a perfect time to try some unique food selections for the reception meal or even the night before the wedding day. A deep, rich butternut squash soup with hearty grain breads will warm everyone up at the beginning of the meal. Continue with a red lettuce and almond winter salad and the main course of roast beef. Dessert is a creamy, hot rice and raisin pudding, or a hot plum pudding with rum sauce or a selection of winter pies such as pumpkin or mincemeat. Use the cold season as a fun excuse to serve specialty coffees and hot chocolate with whipped cream and spice toppings. A robust meal created for winter elements which is sure to delight!

Ice Hotels and Sculptures – There are several countries around the world including Canada, Sweden, Romania, Finnmark, and Norway that have magnificent ice hotels. Beautiful edifices made of ice, intricately carved and masterfully designed. Every detail in the grand scheme is carried out with precision. And when finished, these are working establishments that accommodate upwards of two hundred people. Would one of these marvelous ice hotels not be a paradise setting for a destination wedding in the snow? Quite a few of these Ice Hotels are possible when you’re having a wedding in Europe, but Alaska and Quebec also have some ice hotels…

In addition to the ice hotels, there are many winter festivals where sensational ice sculptures are created. The sculptures make wonderful photography for a wedding in the snow. Contact one of the favorite sculptors and commission a custom made sculpture for the door to the entrance of the reception venue.

Winter Bridal Attire – While it is true that a winter wedding increases the wedding budget due to the extra clothing required, it is nonetheless a magical event. White gowns on white snow are truly spectacular! Gorgeous faux fur trimmed capes, faux mink ear muffs, and long delicate gloves with pretty Victorian lace up boots will make the bride radiant. The bridesmaids will dress similarly in a rich taupe color or even dazzling red with white complements.

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