How to Include Close Elderly Relatives When Planning a Destination Wedding

Elderly ManWhen planning a destination wedding, the couple must be sensitive to the elder members of the family. While many family members willingly travel to locations outside their element, the elderly may not want to travel or may be fragile and cannot travel. The situation becomes especially difficult for close members such as a grandmother or great uncle. Is it right to exclude them from the festivities because they are old?

Unless a couple is eloping with only their best friends as witnesses, all weddings should include the closest members of the family. And if a destination wedding is planned, special consideration must be given to the elderly family members who are closest to the bride and groom. While it may be assumed the person cannot travel, it is always best to ask him/her to determine her wishes.

In addition to speaking to the person, here are a few other ways to include the special older person.

  • Be sensitive to the person’s feelings and make her feel included even if he/she cannot travel. Keep him/her informed during the planning process and make sure the person is invited to all activities at home before everyone leaves for the destination.
  • Make sure to mention the person during the reception when thanking everyone for coming by stating that you wished the person was here also.
  • If traditional fruit cake is served as the wedding cake, be sure to save a piece to give to the person when you return home. Other kinds of cakes might be difficult to keep but traditional cake is usually wrapped in a lace doily and plastic.
  • A special album of pictures can be personalized for the person.
  • If a video is available, when returning home, make arrangements to watch the video with the person.
  • Of course, if an after-wedding gala or reception is scheduled, the person is invited to the party.
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