Pointers for Your Save the Date Cards

Save The Date CardIf you are planning a destination wedding, you know that sending Save the Date Cards is an absolute must in order to give your guests time to prepare for your wedding and also to provide information about required clothing for the trip and theme of the wedding. The choice of cards may not seem as crucial as the choice of invitations and thank you notes but these pointers will help make your task easier.

  1. Help to keep within your budget by calling the post office to inquire about size limitations on cards and envelopes. If you need bigger cards to say everything that is required, be sure to calculate the added postage expense if you are on a tight budget.
  2. If you decide to make your own cards, create at least one card and take it to the post office for pricing. Make sure your card is not too thick and if an envelope is preferred, enclose the card for weighing.
  3. You may not want postage cancellation marks on your cards as some guests may choose to keep the card as a souvenir. Either take your cards directly to the post office and ask them to hand cancel them or enclose the cards in envelopes. Sometimes envelopes work better because you avoid any stains or dirt that might get on the card during transit. They prevent dog-eared corners as well.
  4. Your cards may be as fancy or as whimsical as you wish. But vulgarity, coarse jokes, and offensive words are out of the question in all instances.
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