Proper Makeup for a Destination Wedding

Many women do not give their makeup much thought as they are in the same surroundings everyday. What looks good to them influences the way they choose their colors and how they decide what to wear and how much. That may be fine on a daily basis at home but what happens when the bride travels to a distant location for her wedding? Is the same everyday makeup acceptable?

The answer is no. Giving makeup the proper attention well before leaving for a destination wedding should be a priority for all brides. So we have chosen some quick points to consider when stocking your wedding makeup bag.

  • The weather will contribute to the type of makeup, amount of makeup and the colors used. For instance, in very hot climates, a liquid foundation may be too bulky and may actually melt. Fine powder or no foundation may be better suited to tropical regions.
  • For any wedding, the photos are important and makeup can make or break the picture. Send an email to the photographer and ask whether he or she has tips for you. Certain colors may not be prudent in the lighting that he or she uses.
  • The color choice of the lipstick should complement your skin tone but at the same time complement the mood. Bright reds for example look stunning with white accessories in the white snow.
  • Do some research about the destination. Look at other photographs if possible to see how other brides appeared and work from the weaknesses or strengths.
  • It might be an idea to have your makeup done professionally for one sitting prior to the wedding to understand how your makeup should look.

Lastly, be sure to buy all your cosmetics at home when you have sufficient time to shop. Rushing and forgetting specific items will make it difficult when you arrive in your destination.

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