The most romantic locations for your wedding

edgewaterweddingYou want the best location for your wedding. You go for the best destinations you know of, a place which means a lot to you, or a place where you, your special someone, and the most important people in the world can have fun. Here are some of the best locations where you can tie the knot:

Grand Hotel in Florence, Italy

The Grand Hotel is located near the River Amo and was a palace built back in the eighteenth century. If you are planning a Florence wedding and want to wow your family and friends, the ballroom of the Grand Hotel is the best place to say your I do’s.

Le Chateau d’Esclimont in France

Tie the knot here and make your dream fairy tale wedding come true. This beautiful estate is just 45 minutes from the heart of Paris. The chateau is located near a lake and boasts of a around 150 acres of real estate where your guests can relax, hike, fish, or even ride horses.

Central Park in New York

Busy as it is but New York is a very romantic city perfect for uniting souls in love. You can arrange for a wedding in one of the gardens at the Central Park.

Mountain top in New Zealand

How about a chopper ride to a peak of a mountain where you will have your romantic wedding? You can do this in New Zealand and the place will not run out of beautiful sceneries from mountains, to lakes, rivers or rugged landscapes. That is not the end of the list, you can also put the ring to your partner’s finger while on a glacier or just be traditional and have it in one of their old, elegant churches.

Dome of St. Paul in the UK

The Dome of St. Paul is actually part of cave system in Southwales. This cave is one of the showcaves the area has and boasts of a large lake to complete the ambiance. The natural setting is one of a kind for a wedding and will surely make your special day very unforgettable.

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