The most romantic wedding destinations in America

This is the most special moment in your life and you want to savor it. You want to commemorate by making the occasion unique and pleasant. You don’t want to go to the church in your locality and do it like the rest of your family members or your friends. You want to make sure that your partner (or rather, would-be partner) remembers and cherishes the moments throughout her lifetime. Yes, I’m talking of your wedding, guys.

The best way to do so is to go for a destination wedding and you know what it is. It is not a new term to you. You know what elopement wedding or wedding-moon is, don’t you? You have already made up in your mind that you want to travel to a beautiful location and celebrate your wedding ceremony over there and also, might continue with your honeymoon as well. It will be a small family affair and more opportunity to enjoy every bit of the moment.

But you would like to carry that out in US itself. Now, while there are others who probably go for the classical Europe or the spiritual East, US is not that bad, is it? There are plenty of unique locations where you carry out your fancies. Some of them are…

  • Central Park of New York, NY
  • “Chapel of Love” in Bloomington, Minn
  • “Columbia George Hotel” in River Hood Region
  • Disneyland in Anaheim, California
  • “Empire State Building” in New York, NY again
  • “Graceland Wedding Chapel” of Las Vegas
  • “Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel” in Las Vegas
  • Fine Arts Palace in San Francisco
  • Philadelphia Zoo in Philadelphia, PA
  • “West Beach Resort”, Key Largo FLA

After these, should we really neglect the exotic cities of Miami, Las Vegas, Hawaii, New York City, New Orleans, Aspen, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Martha’s Vineyard, Napa Valley etc?

Some of the most popular places among the lovers are as follows:

California – Starting with its warm congenial atmosphere with its winery collection, California sure is an epitome of panoramic beauty and makes a great wedding location.

Costa Rica – Beautiful beaches, water adventure, luxury spas, etc makes this place a favorite.

Texas – We cannot put this out of the list. It is such a darling among the visitors who not only do their wedding over here but stay on for their honeymoon as well.

Florida and South Carolina are also among the most popular places that are considered for the destination weddings.

Choose the one you want and don’t forget to invite me!

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