Tips for planning a your dream destination wedding

Destinations weddings have been sort of a trend in recent years. Couples head to their favorite travel destination, romantic spot, or exotic getaway to exchange vows. Here are some useful tips to help you plan out your destination wedding:

Residency requirements

Countries in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean are a bit lenient when it comes to residency requirements prior to getting married in their territories. In Europe though, a lot of countries require lengthy residency before granting your marriage application. Contact the tourism agency or embassy of your chosen destination to check for their marriage requirements.


All your bags are packed and ready to go but you forgot your birth certificate, documentation of no previous marriage or record of previous divorce? Different countries have different rules for marriage documentation requirements. You might need these papers to be certified by the embassy as authentic or true copy or to be translated to the local language of the country where you want to get married.

Wedding planners

Research well and shop for the best but reasonably priced wedding planners for your destination wedding. These wedding planners will be your life line in terms of finding the best local suppliers that will satisfy your style and budget.


While you may be ready to splurge for your wedding day, not every individual is ready to spend to attend your destination wedding but you might hurt feelings if you do not invite them. You can announce your wedding plans early so there will be enough time to clear schedules and save for the expenses. Another option will be to pay for their accommodation and other expenses. You can also consider having a smaller wedding at home so your bigger circle of family and friends can be with you.

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