Wedding Tips: How to pack for your honeymoon

As you are preparing for your destination, you also have to ready your bags and stuff for your honeymoon. Here are some useful tips:

Be organized

The suitcase looks pretty big but wait until you fill it up. You have heard the travel light advice a million times but most us still try to bring a lot of stuff. Make most of the space by lining, rolling, and folding your clothes and other things in your bag.

Make sure you protect your designer shoes with a felt bag. Lay flat the sweaters and shirts then roll them to maximize space. The toiletries should be accessible so place them inside a side pocket or on top of your clothes. If you will just bring a carry-on bag, go for the hard case so they do not expand.

First layer

The bottom should be lined with your shoes and your tech gadgets in their bags. Then fill the center with rolled up jackets and jeans.

Second layer

Lay down the pants and dresses lengthwise on top of your first layer so their ends hang outside of the luggage.

Third layer

Roll some more sweaters and shirts and then place them on top of the second layer. Fold the ends of the pants and dresses to cover the third layer.

Fourth layer

Fold your undies and other delicate stuff. Make sure you have small bags for your lingerie and toiletries.

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