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Destination Wedding: Saying I Dos in Bali

Bali is an island of serenity and intensity. This island which is just 90 miles in length and 55 miles in width is home to about three million people. Visit Bali and you might be overwhelmed by all the scooters on the road. On the other side of the island though is spiritual calmness. The […]

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Destination weddings: Scenic options in Australia

Are you looking for a secluded destination for your wedding? Australia might look as big as the United States but it has a population that is less than that of the state of California. In case you are planning to have a wedding in Australia here are some wedding destination ideas that you may want […]

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Tips for planning a your dream destination wedding

Destinations weddings have been sort of a trend in recent years. Couples head to their favorite travel destination, romantic spot, or exotic getaway to exchange vows. Here are some useful tips to help you plan out your destination wedding: Residency requirements Countries in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean are a bit lenient when it comes […]

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How to Include Close Elderly Relatives When Planning a Destination Wedding

When planning a destination wedding, the couple must be sensitive to the elder members of the family. While many family members willingly travel to locations outside their element, the elderly may not want to travel or may be fragile and cannot travel. The situation becomes especially difficult for close members such as a grandmother or […]

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Destination Wedding Apparel for the Bride and other Women

A destination wedding is unique in that the bride and groom may choose whatever theme or attire they fancy. Elegant weddings with elaborate trimmings are not required nor expected as with traditional weddings. And nowadays, the choices are endless for the bride, her attendants, the mothers and the female guests. The only stipulation in type […]

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Are Destination Wedding Invitations Different than Regular Wedding Invitations?

When planning a destination wedding, many couples inquire about the etiquette surrounding wedding invitations. Specifically, how do destination wedding invitations differ from regular wedding invitations? And the short answer to the question is – they do not differ. Basically the invitation as it relates to etiquette is the same. Having said that, however, extra information […]

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Companies Who Offer Destination Wedding Insurance

In a previous post, we spoke about the need for insurance when planning a destination wedding. To start you on the road to finding insurance, we have done a bit of research for you. Here are two companies in the US that offer specific insurance to cover lost monies due to inclement weather, vendors going […]

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Insurance and Destination Weddings

Nowadays it seems important to purchase insurance for everything. We carry insurance on our vehicles and homes, we hold life insurance policies, and we purchase travel insurance. Although wedding insurance is a newer type of insurance, it does not seem unreasonable that we should insure against negative possibilities when planning one of the most significant […]

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The Best Wedding Locations in South Africa

South Africa is an ideal place for a couple who wish to have a destination wedding in Africa. A wedding in South Africa will be very romantic. There it is affordable also. It is much cheaper than the ones held in the United States, Europe or Australia. The Sabi Sands Game Reserve near the Kruger […]

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Children and Destination Weddings

When planning a wedding abroad or away from your city of residence, remember to take into account the children that you have invited. In fact, your own children may be attending the wedding and someone needs to provide for them. Since you want to enjoy a little time with new your new spouse, it might […]

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