Wedding Tips: How to pack for your honeymoon

As you are preparing for your destination, you also have to ready your bags and stuff for your honeymoon. Here are some useful tips:

Be organized

The suitcase looks pretty big but wait until you fill it up. You have heard the travel light advice a million times but most us still try to bring a lot of stuff. Make most of the space by lining, rolling, and folding your clothes and other things in your bag.

Make sure you protect your designer shoes with a felt bag. Lay flat the sweaters and shirts then roll them to maximize space. The toiletries should be accessible so place them inside a side pocket or on top of your clothes. If you will just bring a carry-on bag, go for the hard case so they do not expand.

First layer

The bottom should be lined with your shoes and your tech gadgets in their bags. Then fill the center with rolled up jackets and jeans.

Second layer

Lay down the pants and dresses lengthwise on top of your first layer so their ends hang outside of the luggage.

Third layer

Roll some more sweaters and shirts and then place them on top of the second layer. Fold the ends of the pants and dresses to cover the third layer.

Fourth layer

Fold your undies and other delicate stuff. Make sure you have small bags for your lingerie and toiletries.

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Destination Wedding: Saying I Dos in Bali

baliBali is an island of serenity and intensity. This island which is just 90 miles in length and 55 miles in width is home to about three million people. Visit Bali and you might be overwhelmed by all the scooters on the road. On the other side of the island though is spiritual calmness. The romance in this island is that which binds souls.

If you are planning to get married in Bali, you have to remember that it has to be a religious ceremony. It can either be Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu. If you are not a Muslim, the ceremonies will be done first and a priest will sign a notice so you can apply for a marriage certificate from the Civil Registry. You will need the basic documents like passports, birth certificates, photos as a couple, and other paperwork.

While in Bali, you can also visit places of worships and palaces. Do not miss the Tanah Lot and the Ulu Danu. The first one is located on an small island while the other is near a lake with a volcanoe as its backdrop. There is also the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud where monkeys (which can steal your glasses and other stuff) roam free.

Newly weds who are looking to purchase furniture for their new home should bring an extra luggage. You can get a lot of items from art works, statues, masks, and picture frames. You can also get items made in stones, gold, or silver. The choices are endless and it will all depend on your style and likings.

The artistry of the Balinese people is also reflected on their dances and music. The costumes are very colorful while the movements are quite mystical. The women make most of their eyes and hands while their male counterparts don masks as they combine poetic movements to express their stories.

Couples should also go for a massage in a local Bali spa. The spas in this corner of the globe is among the best in the world.

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Destination weddings: Scenic options in Australia

Are you looking for a secluded destination for your wedding? Australia might look as big as the United States but it has a population that is less than that of the state of California. In case you are planning to have a wedding in Australia here are some wedding destination ideas that you may want to consider:

Ayers Rock

The Ayers Rock is perfect backdrop for a destination wedding in Australia while watching the sun set down the horizon. Just be ready if a kangaroo or a wallaby decides to pop up and be curious as to why there are so many people in their garden.

Blue Mountains

If you dream of getting married close to mother nature, the Blue Mountains in Australia offers 10,000 sq. kilometers of forests, canyons, cliffs, and waterfalls. The area has a blend of majesty and mystery and anyone will marvel at the blue haze atop the tree line.

Sydney Opera House

Have a wedding on a boat with the Opera House and the famous Harbour Bridge in the background sans the crowd of Sydney. Exchange vows and I do’s while cruising along the river, enjoying the sights of the city, and enjoying excellent food with the closes of friends and family.

Great Barrier Reef

This is another W-O-W wedding destination anywhere in the world. It will be both a wedding and an adventure if you tie the knot along the white powdery beaches near the Barrier Reef. You can also exchange vows while in the middle of the forest hearing the sounds of the wild or with a beautiful waterfalls as your backdrop. SCUBA I do’s anyone?

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The most romantic locations for your wedding

edgewaterweddingYou want the best location for your wedding. You go for the best destinations you know of, a place which means a lot to you, or a place where you, your special someone, and the most important people in the world can have fun. Here are some of the best locations where you can tie the knot:

Grand Hotel in Florence, Italy

The Grand Hotel is located near the River Amo and was a palace built back in the eighteenth century. If you are planning a Florence wedding and want to wow your family and friends, the ballroom of the Grand Hotel is the best place to say your I do’s.

Le Chateau d’Esclimont in France

Tie the knot here and make your dream fairy tale wedding come true. This beautiful estate is just 45 minutes from the heart of Paris. The chateau is located near a lake and boasts of a around 150 acres of real estate where your guests can relax, hike, fish, or even ride horses.

Central Park in New York

Busy as it is but New York is a very romantic city perfect for uniting souls in love. You can arrange for a wedding in one of the gardens at the Central Park.

Mountain top in New Zealand

How about a chopper ride to a peak of a mountain where you will have your romantic wedding? You can do this in New Zealand and the place will not run out of beautiful sceneries from mountains, to lakes, rivers or rugged landscapes. That is not the end of the list, you can also put the ring to your partner’s finger while on a glacier or just be traditional and have it in one of their old, elegant churches.

Dome of St. Paul in the UK

The Dome of St. Paul is actually part of cave system in Southwales. This cave is one of the showcaves the area has and boasts of a large lake to complete the ambiance. The natural setting is one of a kind for a wedding and will surely make your special day very unforgettable.

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Tips for planning a your dream destination wedding

Destinations weddings have been sort of a trend in recent years. Couples head to their favorite travel destination, romantic spot, or exotic getaway to exchange vows. Here are some useful tips to help you plan out your destination wedding:

Residency requirements

Countries in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean are a bit lenient when it comes to residency requirements prior to getting married in their territories. In Europe though, a lot of countries require lengthy residency before granting your marriage application. Contact the tourism agency or embassy of your chosen destination to check for their marriage requirements.


All your bags are packed and ready to go but you forgot your birth certificate, documentation of no previous marriage or record of previous divorce? Different countries have different rules for marriage documentation requirements. You might need these papers to be certified by the embassy as authentic or true copy or to be translated to the local language of the country where you want to get married.

Wedding planners

Research well and shop for the best but reasonably priced wedding planners for your destination wedding. These wedding planners will be your life line in terms of finding the best local suppliers that will satisfy your style and budget.


While you may be ready to splurge for your wedding day, not every individual is ready to spend to attend your destination wedding but you might hurt feelings if you do not invite them. You can announce your wedding plans early so there will be enough time to clear schedules and save for the expenses. Another option will be to pay for their accommodation and other expenses. You can also consider having a smaller wedding at home so your bigger circle of family and friends can be with you.

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What is so special about Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie

What is so special about Bridal Lingerie, you ask? Well there are so many reasons that bridal lingerie is important and special. When you get married, you are becoming one with the person that you have chosen to love for the rest of your life. And one of the amazing aspects of getting married for a couple is the wedding night. Most people don’t talk about it, but between the husband and wife, there is much anticipation. A bride always wants to look her absolute best for the wedding night. When you have the sexiest bridal lingerie you can find, it makes your wedding night that much better.

Bridal lingerie is beautiful and exquisite and some of the most erotic lingerie you can find. Traditionally, bridal lingerie is white in color to go along with the traditional wedding dress color. A light blue or very sexy red color can sometimes be found in the bride’s wedding night attire. One of the most popular types of bridal lingerie is the baby doll style. It is flowing and leaves some to the imagination. However, it is just revealing enough to bring about all of the interest and excitement you will want from your partner.

When you have bridal lingerie on your mind, there are so many different types – and there’s shops with a great selection of bridal lingerie out there. There are babydolls, camisoles, and teddies as the most popular types. You will truly enjoy searching for your favorite outfits to wear for your wedding night. After all, trying on lingerie can make you feel very sexy. Don’t let your future husband see the outfit though, you will want him to be surprised. Bring along your girl friends to help you choose which outfit looks the hottest.

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Why Hawaii is a great Destination Wedding Location

HawaiiIt is a popular saying that marriages are made in Heaven but performed on earth. What if you were offered an opportunity to marry in Heaven itself? You might be thinking that this is a sick joke, but it is possible to get married in a Heaven that is right here on earth. Ask anyone who has got married in Hawaii and they will explain in details to you about the Heaven on earth that Hawaii is.

This place is the second most chosen spots are far as marriages are solemnized and is second only to Las Vegas. Reportedly, over 25000 marriages are held in Hawaii every year and the majority of them are beach weddings. The spectacular sunsets of the isolated beaches is what many couples to be yearn for, what with the spectacular sunsets on the white sandy beaches, watching the birds circling the vast expanse of water.

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The most romantic wedding destinations in America

This is the most special moment in your life and you want to savor it. You want to commemorate by making the occasion unique and pleasant. You don’t want to go to the church in your locality and do it like the rest of your family members or your friends. You want to make sure that your partner (or rather, would-be partner) remembers and cherishes the moments throughout her lifetime. Yes, I’m talking of your wedding, guys.

The best way to do so is to go for a destination wedding and you know what it is. It is not a new term to you. You know what elopement wedding or wedding-moon is, don’t you? You have already made up in your mind that you want to travel to a beautiful location and celebrate your wedding ceremony over there and also, might continue with your honeymoon as well. It will be a small family affair and more opportunity to enjoy every bit of the moment.

But you would like to carry that out in US itself. Now, while there are others who probably go for the classical Europe or the spiritual East, US is not that bad, is it? There are plenty of unique locations where you carry out your fancies. Some of them are…

  • Central Park of New York, NY
  • “Chapel of Love” in Bloomington, Minn
  • “Columbia George Hotel” in River Hood Region
  • Disneyland in Anaheim, California
  • “Empire State Building” in New York, NY again
  • “Graceland Wedding Chapel” of Las Vegas
  • “Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel” in Las Vegas
  • Fine Arts Palace in San Francisco
  • Philadelphia Zoo in Philadelphia, PA
  • “West Beach Resort”, Key Largo FLA

After these, should we really neglect the exotic cities of Miami, Las Vegas, Hawaii, New York City, New Orleans, Aspen, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Martha’s Vineyard, Napa Valley etc?

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How to Include Close Elderly Relatives When Planning a Destination Wedding

Elderly ManWhen planning a destination wedding, the couple must be sensitive to the elder members of the family. While many family members willingly travel to locations outside their element, the elderly may not want to travel or may be fragile and cannot travel. The situation becomes especially difficult for close members such as a grandmother or great uncle. Is it right to exclude them from the festivities because they are old?

Unless a couple is eloping with only their best friends as witnesses, all weddings should include the closest members of the family. And if a destination wedding is planned, special consideration must be given to the elderly family members who are closest to the bride and groom. While it may be assumed the person cannot travel, it is always best to ask him/her to determine her wishes.

In addition to speaking to the person, here are a few other ways to include the special older person.

  • Be sensitive to the person’s feelings and make her feel included even if he/she cannot travel. Keep him/her informed during the planning process and make sure the person is invited to all activities at home before everyone leaves for the destination.
  • Make sure to mention the person during the reception when thanking everyone for coming by stating that you wished the person was here also.
  • If traditional fruit cake is served as the wedding cake, be sure to save a piece to give to the person when you return home. Other kinds of cakes might be difficult to keep but traditional cake is usually wrapped in a lace doily and plastic.
  • A special album of pictures can be personalized for the person.
  • If a video is available, when returning home, make arrangements to watch the video with the person.
  • Of course, if an after-wedding gala or reception is scheduled, the person is invited to the party.
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Destination Wedding Apparel for the Bride and other Women

DESTINATION WEDDING APPAREL WOMENA destination wedding is unique in that the bride and groom may choose whatever theme or attire they fancy. Elegant weddings with elaborate trimmings are not required nor expected as with traditional weddings. And nowadays, the choices are endless for the bride, her attendants, the mothers and the female guests. The only stipulation in type of attire would be that everyone follows the same pattern of formality. Guests in evening gowns would not bode well with a bride in culotte shorts.

Once the bride and groom have decided what type of apparel to wear for the wedding ceremony, they can then notify the guests of the decision so that the guests traveling to the destination may pack their wardrobes accordingly. Destination weddings come in many levels of formalities, themes and colors. For example, the destination may be the homeland of the couple’s families so a traditional wedding may be expected. The bride and groom may wear the customary marriage outfits of a particular culture.

Contrarily, the destination wedding may be chosen in a themed type situation such as Las Vegas where celebrity impersonators are present (you HAVE to rent an exotic car in Las Vegas!). Or the destination wedding may be a combination of a formal wedding set in a beach area. And lastly, the destination wedding may be one in which the couple has thrown rules to the wind and decided on something totally fun and whimsical.

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