Are Destination Wedding Invitations Different than Regular Wedding Invitations?

When planning a destination wedding, many couples inquire about the etiquette surrounding wedding invitations. Specifically, how do destination wedding invitations differ from regular wedding invitations? And the short answer to the question is – they do not differ. Basically the invitation as it relates to etiquette is the same. Having said that, however, extra information exists that should be taken into account when choosing and sending destination wedding invitations.

The first point that may impact upon the invitations chosen is the pared down guest list. A destination wedding guest list is invariably much smaller in numbers than a traditional wedding list. If you are choosing invitations prepared by a printer, there may be a minimum order quantity or the costs may be so prohibitive that you would not order your first choice of invitations.

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Companies Who Offer Destination Wedding Insurance

In a previous post, we spoke about the need for insurance when planning a destination wedding. To start you on the road to finding insurance, we have done a bit of research for you. Here are two companies in the US that offer specific insurance to cover lost monies due to inclement weather, vendors going bankrupt, no-show vendors, bride or groom illness or physical injury, and a death in the family.

Fireman’s Fund Private Event Insurance includes their Weddingsurance® product, which covers liability in the event that a party gets out of control, cancellation, weather, photography, gifts, attire, jewelry, and rental property damage. New features that have been recently added to the coverage are cancellation of the wedding due to one or both parties backing out, emotional counseling if the wedding must be rebooked due to a calamity, more destination wedding locations, and online purchasing.

The Travelers Companies, Inc, last year launched The Wedding Protector Plan which includes a wide group of reasons under which a claim can be made. In addition to the broad range of coverage, they also permit many locations outside the US where the couple will be covered should a problem arise. They also promote the fact that there is no deductible and the cost to insure is relatively inexpensive compared to the out-of-pocket expenses due to circumstances over which the couple has no control.
One final note on purchasing wedding insurance:

Like all other insurance policies, do not assume that you are covered for every contingency. Read the sales material thoroughly, understand what is being offered and ask questions if necessary. For example, some companies do not consider cancelling a wedding due to cold feet as a reason for making a claim. Also, not all locations abroad may be permitted.

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Insurance and Destination Weddings

Nowadays it seems important to purchase insurance for everything. We carry insurance on our vehicles and homes, we hold life insurance policies, and we purchase travel insurance. Although wedding insurance is a newer type of insurance, it does not seem unreasonable that we should insure against negative possibilities when planning one of the most significant events of our lives. And destination wedding insurance is probably even that more attractive since so many more things can go wrong when travelling to a wedding abroad or even to another locale.

One might ask if the cost of the insurance is worth the risk and in most instances the answer would be yes. Some examples of why wedding insurance is vital when planning a destination wedding are:

  • Weather is one factor that humans cannot control. Should a volcano erupt or typhoon hit the location, events will require the cancellation of the wedding. Undoubtedly, the bride and groom will have already sent deposits or even the full amount to local vendors. Their money will be lost without insurance.
  • Another reason for destination wedding insurance is the fact that people get sick and accidents happen. Should either the bride or groom not be able to travel due to poor health, serious physical injury or even death, insurance will cover the costs already incurred.
  • If one or more vendors do not carry through will their commitments in the way of not showing up or not providing the paid-for product or service, the insurance will cover the costs.
  • Lastly, there are a large number of problems that could arise along the planning process path such as the gown being lost in transit, the wedding salon or tuxedo store closing down after having been paid, or the airline cancelling flights.
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The Best Wedding Locations in South Africa

South Africa is an ideal place for a couple who wish to have a destination wedding in Africa. A wedding in South Africa will be very romantic. There it is affordable also. It is much cheaper than the ones held in the United States, Europe or Australia. The Sabi Sands Game Reserve near the Kruger Park, The Waterburg Area for a bush wedding and Medikwe Game Reserve near the border with Botswana are some of the suitable venues for romantic wedding in South Africa.

There are beach locations too in South Africa. Cape Town in the west coast and Natal facing the Indian Ocean are two of many of the suitable places for a beach wedding.

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Children and Destination Weddings

When planning a wedding abroad or away from your city of residence, remember to take into account the children that you have invited. In fact, your own children may be attending the wedding and someone needs to provide for them. Since you want to enjoy a little time with new your new spouse, it might a good idea to have the children stay at the hotel or resort with a trusted relative. By doing this, the couple is not constantly worried about the children and the relative will have time to entertain them.

The children will most likely be different age brackets which might make keeping them occupied more difficult but if they are family, they will be used to one another. Generally, there are a few ways to keep the kids happy during their stay.
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Destination Wedding in the Snow

Many people automatically think of destination weddings in the hot tropics but a wedding in the snow can be even more magnificent. For real romantics who enjoy the great outdoors, a wedding in the snow capped Alps, the frozen tundra of northern or western Canada, or even during the winter in one’s hometown is a marvelous escape for their special day. Indeed, there are so many wonderful ways in which to make a winter or snow wedding spectacular. So if you want something different from your friends and neighbors, and a theme that is sure to be remembered for a long time, here are a few splendid options that are guaranteed to excite your guests.

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Proper Makeup for a Destination Wedding

Many women do not give their makeup much thought as they are in the same surroundings everyday. What looks good to them influences the way they choose their colors and how they decide what to wear and how much. That may be fine on a daily basis at home but what happens when the bride travels to a distant location for her wedding? Is the same everyday makeup acceptable?

The answer is no. Giving makeup the proper attention well before leaving for a destination wedding should be a priority for all brides. So we have chosen some quick points to consider when stocking your wedding makeup bag.

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Pointers for Your Save the Date Cards

Save The Date CardIf you are planning a destination wedding, you know that sending Save the Date Cards is an absolute must in order to give your guests time to prepare for your wedding and also to provide information about required clothing for the trip and theme of the wedding. The choice of cards may not seem as crucial as the choice of invitations and thank you notes but these pointers will help make your task easier.

  1. Help to keep within your budget by calling the post office to inquire about size limitations on cards and envelopes. If you need bigger cards to say everything that is required, be sure to calculate the added postage expense if you are on a tight budget.
  2. If you decide to make your own cards, create at least one card and take it to the post office for pricing. Make sure your card is not too thick and if an envelope is preferred, enclose the card for weighing.
  3. You may not want postage cancellation marks on your cards as some guests may choose to keep the card as a souvenir. Either take your cards directly to the post office and ask them to hand cancel them or enclose the cards in envelopes. Sometimes envelopes work better because you avoid any stains or dirt that might get on the card during transit. They prevent dog-eared corners as well.
  4. Your cards may be as fancy or as whimsical as you wish. But vulgarity, coarse jokes, and offensive words are out of the question in all instances.
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